Accommodations for Religious Holidays

Respect for diversity is one of GW's core values, extending to all aspects of our community. In keeping with this value, the university has adopted guidelines, recommended by the Faculty Senate, that ensure students and faculty may observe religious holidays without academic penalty:

  • That students notify faculty during the first week of the semester of their intention to be absent from class on their day(s) of religious observance;
  • That faculty continue to extend to these students the courtesy of absence without penalty on such occasions, including permission to make up examinations;
  • That faculty who intend to observe a religious holiday arrange at the beginning of the semester to reschedule missed classes or to make other provisions for their course-related activities;
  • That, prior to each semester, the administration circulate to faculty a schedule of religious holidays most frequently observed by GW students;
  • That student members of other religious groups are also entitled to the same courtesies and accommodations; and
  • That the administration conveys this policy to students by including it in the schedule of classes and other places deemed appropriate. 

The list of religious holidays most frequently observed by members of the GW community and associated dates for the 2017-2018 academic year will assist you in scheduling assignments and exams. Religious holidays that are observed during breaks need no special accommodations.

Forrest Maltzman
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Peter Konwerski
Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs