Career & Professional Development

Leverage Colonial connections and communities to set students on the path to professional success.

Your support will help GW students get premier access to internships (especially unpaid internships) and will help them access innovate programming, including job fairs, lectures, seminars, and conferences, to expand interactions with employers. Ultimately, you will help GW students advance their career goals.

Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund

GW's career culture empowers students and alumni to translate their world-class academic and experiential opportunities into a lifetime of productive and engaged citizenship. Students need premier access to internships, innovative programming and services to inform and advance their career goals. However, decisions students make about internships and careers are often based on price, not passion.

The Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund annually provides GW students critical financial support so they can pursue internships across all sectors, regardless of whether they are paid. Made possible by the generous support of alumni and parents, this highly competitive program provides grants from $1,000 to $3,000 to students pursuing necessarily unpaid internships, typically with non-profit, governmental, educational, and non-governmental organizations.

Financial support provided by the Knowledge in Action Career Services Fund will make a significant difference in the lives of GW students, just as they will make a significant difference in the world through their service and work.