DSA Advisory Council

The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) Advisory Council is a diverse group of alumni, parents, family members, and community leaders who:

  • Serve as champions of DSA and of the student experience;
  • Volunteer their time to enhance the student experience;
  • Connect and introduce DSA to new funding sources and strategic partnerships;
  • Identify potential employment and internship opportunities for GW students and alumni;
  • Attend Council meetings and participate in Council projects; and
  • Provide an annual leadership-level (Luther Rice Society) financial contribution in support of DSA. Luther Rice Society giving levels are a minimum $1,000 for parents, friends, and alumni 10+ years after graduation, $500 for alumni six to nine years after graduation, and $250 for alumni within five years of graduation.

DSA Advisory Council Membership List

Soraya (Tabibi) Aguirre, ESIA BA '98
Carol Capece, CCAS BA ’00, GWSB MBA ’02
Nicole Capp, CCAS BA ’09
Alisa Currier, Past Parent
Jeannette Dickens-Hale, Current Parent
Chris Ferguson, CCAS BA ’93, GWSB MPA ’96
Amanda Fugazy, CCAS BA ’95
Samuel Horowitz, CCAS BA '14
Chris Huebner, GW Friend
Madeline Johnson, GWSB BBA '84 MBA '86, Current Parent
Josh Lasky, CCAS BA ’07 MPA ’09
Michael McSweeney, Current Parent
Shannon Mouton Gray, MVC BA '90
Ketan Patel, SEAS BS '08, GWSB MBA '10
Dylan Pyne, CCAS BA ’12
Amy Reich, GWSB BBA ’00
Marie Rudolph, GWSB MPA '94
Darien Saul, ESIA BA '08
David Shaffer, Current Parent
Jonathan Tarnow, CCAS BA '93, LAW JD '96
Courtney (Tallman) Thorne, CCAS BA '05 MPA '07
Christian Washington, CCAS BA '06, LAW JD '99
Cyndi Weingard, Past Parent

Those interested in joining the Advisory Council should contact [email protected] to learn more. 

GW Today: Alumni, Parents and Friends Join Inaugural Student Affairs Advisory Council

A select group of George Washington University alumni, parents and friends will serve on the inaugural Division of Student Affairs Advisory Council to support the student experience at GW.