How We Work

Students who would like to access the pantry should log in to the Store application and complete the prompts. The application will prompt you to enter your NetID and password. However we allow shoppers to remain completely anonymous out of respect for their privacy and we will not receive the names of anybody who signs up for the Store. This privacy extends to the shoppers’ experience in the Store as we do not staff it at any time.  We have faith that every shopper needs this resource and trust them to take what they need and leave enough for other shoppers.

Shoppers access the pantry by using their GWorld cards to tap into the Store and shoppers are free to choose from a variety of items that meet their needs. Once a shopper has made their selections, they are asked to record this information on an iPad in The Store or via their mobile device, so we have a sense of what our students prefer and can stock the most needed items.