Professional Staff Onboarding

Welcome to the George Washington University! Employees new to GW and to Enrollment and the Student Experience (ESE) will find helpful information about what to do before your first day and what to do during the first 30 days of your new job on the University Human Resources website.

The ESE-specific information and instructions in the sections below will help you and your supervisor bring you on board and up to speed quickly and easily.

We hope you find the information presented here to be helpful. Please send feedback to [email protected].


Once a new staff member signs the Offer Letter, he/she receives a GWid in an email from Human Resource Mangement and Development with a GWID.

To protect your identity, GW provides students, faculty, and staff a GWID to identify the individual’s records within the GW’s administrative systems.

A GWID is an eight-digit number that follows the letter “G" and is used in place of a Social Security Number for most university transactions.

I-9 Employment Verification

New employees must complete I-9 paperwork at with employer code 14290. 

To complete this process, new employees must visit the Faculty Staff Service Center in person:
Faculty and Staff Service Center (FSSC)
Marvin Center Suite 242
800 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052


The FSSC is a one-stop resource for GW employees with questions about Human Resources, Parking & Transportation, Tax, Payroll, and Benefits.

NetID/Email Address

Staff members claim NetIDs at

This is also your GW email address. Both [email protected] and [email protected] will work as your new GW email address.

If you are also a student, you have a third email address: [email protected]. We recommend forwarding either or to the other account for ease of use.

GWorld Card

Once you complete your I-9 and claim your NetID, you should obtain your GWorld card at the GWorld Card Office.  You must bring a government issued ID, as well as your GWID number to receive your card.  You will have your photo taken and your card will be printed for you.

Foggy Bottom Campus Main Office Location
GWorld Card Office
800 21st St NW
Marvin Center, Suite G05
Washington, DC 20052
Phone: 202-994-1795
Email: [email protected]

Academic Year Hours of Operation:

Monday -Thursday - 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Friday - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

GWorld Access

(including access for normal day, after hours, and emergencies)

Supervisors should email the following people for access as appropriate:

  • Residence Hall Access - Contact Seth Weinshel, Assistant Dean of Students (email: [email protected]) requesting “All Hall” or specific residence hall access.
  • Administrative Offices - Contact GWorld Card Office (email: [email protected]).

Sample email:

“Please grant EMPLOYEE NAME (GWID) access to [all residence halls OR office location OR building after hours/emergency access]”

Shared Drive Access

GW uses both Box and Windows File Share (or Enterprise Active Directory) to store shared files. Employees enter their NetID and password to access.

Please visit and search for "Request for Network/Shared Drive Access".

Fill out the form to submit your request.  If you need similar G: Drive access to someone in your organization, indicate their NetID in Comments section and ask DIT to mirror access.

Phone Requests

To submit a voice services request, including: requests to add, change, or move services; all voicemail requests, and to order new extensions and/or physical phones:

Visit and complete the form.

You must be connected to the GW network or connected to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the form.

Cell Phones

Supervisors of staff members who need GW emergency/duty cell phones should email [email protected] with a request for a new cell phone. Include new employee’s name, email address, and Oracle Alias for billing.

Staff members are not allowed to use their personal cell phone as an emergency/duty phone and must use a GW-provided cell phone.

Business Cards

Login to the iBuy+ system.

Select "Goods & Services" then select "dupli Printing".

Select “GW Standard Business Card”.


  • Paper Stock = Standard
  • Select Logo = Primary
  • Department Line MUST read: “Enrollment and the Student Experience”. Your ESE department will go one one of the four Title lines.
  • Recycled Logo = Front
  • Optional Backer = None

Don't forget to PROOF your cards!


Contact Melanie Peterson, Customer Service Representative with The Cawley Company, at [email protected] to place an order.  When placing your order, be sure to reference that you are with Enrollment and the Student Experience at the George Washington University.

Full-time professional staff receive engraved badges.

Please use the Name Badge Data Template to provide Cawley with the names/titles/departments to engrave.  Also provide them with the Name Badge Art Template as reference.

The first order for a department will be charged a one time setup charge.  Minimum order is 5 badges.  Any order under 5 badges is subject to a service charge. Departments must pay by PCard.

For graduate and undergraduate student staff name badges, please request name badge kits (GW logo on gold sticker with a blank gold magnet-backed badge) from Cawley and use a label maker to print Name, Title, and Department.

If you'd like to borrow the a label maker for student staff name tags, you are more than welcome to do so from Marvin Center Fifth Floor. You may also order your own label maker.  We recommend the Brother P-Touch PT-2730 PC-Connectable label maker (Staples Item # 890185) and Brother TZe-151 Black on Clear 1" tape (Staples Item # 917915).

Door Plaques/Cube Identifier

Departmental FIXit Power Users should submit a FIXit request.  The FIXit request will be a CHARGEABLE request: “SIGN - MAKE AND INSTALL SIGN, NAME INSERTS”, and you will need to specify what Oracle Alias to bill.

In “Summary of Problem”, indicate “INSERT / DECAL”.

In “Additional Details”, specify the following:

“Initial, LastName, Degree (if requested)
Title Line One
Title Line Two (if necessary)”


“G. Washington
President of the
United States of America”

For cubicles, indicate “Cubicle Tag” under “Additional Details” and then continue with requested text.

Electronic Directory Listing

To be added to the myGW electronic staff directory, please email Jay Jones, Special Assistant, ESE, at [email protected] with the employee’s name and department.

Employees must update campus address and phone number in BanWeb:
1. Log in to
2. Navigate to "Personal Information Menu".
3. Navigate to "Update Address(es) and Phone(s)".
4. Under "Campus Office" click on "Current"
5. Enter/edit your campus address and phone number.
6. Click "Submit".

Directory titles are controlled by official university title with HR. (And can’t be changed.)

Banner Access

GW uses Banner to manage student records, and staff members must request access that is appropriate to their job responsibilities.

Complete the Banner Request Form.  Make sure the request form has been signed by both employee and supervisor. GW Housing employees may need additional profiles. Seth Weinshel, Assistant Dean of Students for GW Housing, can grant access to those profiles.

Submit completed and signed form to Jay Jones, Special Assistant at [email protected].

EAS Access

GW uses the Enterprise Accounting System (EAS) for budget reporting and accounting. Complete the EAS Access form.  Submit to Kathy Gaitán Ambrózy, Finance Director, at [email protected] for “Approver” signature.

Kronos (Time Reporting System) Access

GW uses Kronos to keep track of employee hours for payroll.

If you are going to be a Timekeeper, responsible for the management of employee hours in your department, complete the Time Reporting System (TRS) Access/Changes Request Form (scroll to bottom of page to header "Time Reporting"). Submit to Kathy Gaitán Ambrózy, Finance Director, at [email protected] for signature.

Instructions for Time Entry and How to Review your Timecard are available on the Payroll Services website.

Residential Management System (RMS) Access

GW Housing maintains our housing inventory of academic year residential spaces/beds on our Residential Management System (RMS). GW Housing employees will receive RMS access through GW Housing.  All others should contact Seth Weinshel, Assistant Dean of Students, at [email protected] for access.

Drupal Web Access

DSA uses Drupal for website management and content creation. Email request for access to Jay Jones, Special Assistant, ESE ([email protected]).  Include new employee’s name, NetID, and whether or not they need the ability to publish content live (Content Supervisors), or if content should be reviewed before being published (Content Contributors).

GW Online Strategy hosts periodic Drupal Training sessions that are announced by email. They also have extensive tutorials located online.

University Calendar

In order to publish events to the University Calendar, users should request Administrator Access online.

Formal training sessions are provided by GW Online Strategy periodically throughout the year and the University Calendar User Manual is located online.

Corporate Credit Card (P-Card)

The GW P-Card is a corporate credit card that can be used to make purchases necessary to conduct university business. Complete the PCard Enrollment Agreement Form.   Submit to Kathy Gaitán Ambrózy, Finance Director, at [email protected] for “Financial Manager” signature.

ALL P-Card holders must complete the online P-Card Training before their card will be issued.

New Computer Equipment

Purchase new computer and equipment through GW's iBuy System.

Remote System Access

In order to access the network from off-campus, please download the Virtual Private Network (VPN) software, Cisco AnyConnect, and enter in your GW NetID and corresponding password (your NetID is the first part of your GW email address before the @ symbol). Once you have logged in, please select to download the appropriate client. Instructions on how to set-up the VPN client on different platforms can be found online.

The VPN allows remote access to many university systems and resources that are otherwise protected from off-campus access. It does this by creating a "virtual" encrypted channel from your remote location back to GW's network.

Google Calendar

Staff members may need to share their Google Calendar with other team members.  Instructions on how to do this can be found online.


In order to receive staff communications, add yourself to the professional staff Student Experience LISTSERV. Please email Jay Jones, Special Assistant, ESE, ([email protected]) with some information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Office/Cubicle Location
  • Email Address
  • Direct Extension

This will also add you to the master Student Experience Staff List.

Furniture Request

If you need new office furniture, please use the GW Reuse program before purchasing any new items.  This service will also remove unwanted furniture and is requested through FIXit.

  • Select your building location.
  • Category is "CHARGEABLE".
  • Summary of Problem will be "Reuse Request - Item(s) needed if available."
  • In Description, give an assessment of the furniture items you need.

Office Supplies

Office supplies can be ordered through iBuy. You log in with your NetID and password.