Program Review

The program review team developed a standardized program review process for the Division of Student Affairs (DSA). In 2013, the committee established procedural guidelines, identified core priorities to be addressed in each review, and developed a review timeline.

The team drew from various established program review models to help shape this process, including the academic program review model at GW and those for student affairs at University of California Los Angeles, Ohio State University, and New York University. The committee also solicited feedback from colleagues throughout the Division.

Program reviews are intended to be a learning process. Program review encourages departments to assess their relative strengths and weaknesses in an effort to continue to provide top quality services to students here at GW.  Program review helps DSA better understand the needs of our stakeholders, guide continuous improvement, amplify the case for philanthropic and university financial support, and advocate for enhanced services and programs.

DSA has already conducted a number of program reviews, with some important and positive outcomes:

Housing/Residential Engagement (2016 - 2017)

Beginning in January 2016, GW Housing and Residential Engagement will work jointly together to conduct their respective program reviews. Given the nature of the day to day operations of the two departments, there will be some overlap in both research and expert perspective. By combining strengths, this will result in a more streamline and efficient program review process. 

Colonial Inauguration (2015 -2016)

The Colonial Inauguration (CI) began their program review in October 2015. The main focus of the program review is to look at GW's current orientation model for incoming students and their families, and provide recommendations for an appropriate and innovative orientation model. 

Center for Student Engagement - Student Organizations (2014 - 2016)

The Student Involvement team began its program review in August 2014 and submitted the final report in July 2016. The purpose of the program review was to ascertain the success and challenges that the Unit faces, with a heavy emphasis on looking at organizational relationships between the Unit and its constituents and how collaboration can be improved. 

Center for Student Engagement - Greek Life (2014 - 2015)

During the 2014-2015 academic year the university convened a Greek Life Task Force to work proactively to build the strongest, healthiest, most positive Greek community in the country.  The Task Force met from February 2015 to June 2015 and included several working groups comprised of diverse stakeholders in order to ensure topics were discussed from a variety of perspectives.  The Task Force developed a vision of an ideal GW Greek Community as well as ideals for each working group area and accompanying recommendations.

Health Promotion and Prevention Services (2014 - 2015)

During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Center for Alcohol and other Drug Education (CADE) was renamed to Health Promotion and Prevention Services (HPPS). As such this program review occurred simultaneously as the department joined the Colonial Health Center (CHC) with Medical Services and Mental Health Services and expanded its mission. HPPS staff conducted a self-study, and Internal and External review teams evaluated HPPS and provided numerous recommendations for HPPS to be successful.

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Parent Services (2012-2013)

More than 650 parent responses, focus groups, and benchmarking with other universities lead to the introduction of ideas, possible events, and initiatives for the office to implement.

International Services Office (2012-2013)

Program review results focused on career services, interdepartmental communication, data and analysis, and English language support in order to support international students.  Outcomes have included a revamped orientation for international graduate students and refocused sessions at Colonial Inauguration for international students, including an international student panel and sessions on topics including visa procedures and international student career development.

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University Counseling Center (2011-2012)

Program review results identified feedback leading to a re-designed lobby to enhance privacy, the development of a client assessment survey to better track student feedback, and an updated website. The efforts also led to an effort to recruit and hire more staff to meet student needs.

Career Services (2011-2012)

Program review results led to the development of the Career Services Advisory Council and new service offerings, including the StrengthsQuest workshop and the GW Career Success Plan.

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Presidential Administrative Fellowship (2011)

Program review results identified areas for improvement, including the addition of academic and professional advisors and the implementation of a new professional development curriculum.  The efforts also resulted in an increase in the minimum GPA for applicants, increasing selectivity and competitiveness.