Study Zone - Fall 2017

Study Zone: Later Hours, More Spaces
Tuesday, December 12 - Thursday, December 21, 2017

During Reading Days and the Final Exam period, we are excited to announce GW Study Zones!

From Tuesday, December 12 to Thursday, December 21, 2017, the following buildings are available for study space:

1957 E Street: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Academic Center: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 8a-8p (Saturday), Noon-10p (Sunday with GWorld)

Bell Hall: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), 8a-6p (Saturday), Closed (Sunday)

District House: 6a-10p (public), 6a-2a (GWorld access)

Duques Hall/Funger Hall: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 8a-8p (Saturday), Closed (Sunday)

Gelman Library: 24 Hours (Sunday-Saturday)

Hall of Government: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Law School Complex: 7a-6:30p (Sunday-Saturday, Law Students have access until 11:45p)

Lisner Hall: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), 8a-6p (Saturday), Closed (Sunday)

Marvin Center: 7a-2a (Sunday-Saturday)

Monroe Hall: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

MPA: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Old Main: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Science and Engineering Hall: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 8a-8p (Saturday), 9a-6p (Sunday with GWorld)

Smith Hall: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

The Corcoran Building (17th Street): 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 9am-9pm (Saturday-Sunday)

Tompkins Hall: 7a-10p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Building XX: 7a-Midnight (Sunday-Saturday with GWorld)

Mount Vernon Campus

Academic Building: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), Closed (Saturday-Sunday)

Ames Hall: 7a-11p (Monday-Friday), 8a-8p (Saturday), Closed (Sunday)

Eckles Library: 8a-3a (Monday-Thursday), 8a-8p (Friday), 10a-8p (Saturday), 10a-3a (Sunday), 24/7 access from 12/12 to 12/15

Pelham Commons: 24/7 access to students

NOTE: These hours represent general building access hours.  Authorized/designated users will have additional access hours that will vary by building and program. For example, lab spaces in Science & Engineering Hall, studio access at The Corcoran Building and law student access to Law School buildings will be available to authorized students as designated by the appropriate program/department.