At GW, a whole city is your classroom and renowned experts are your teachers.


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Division for Student Affairs


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Student Organization Fair

With more than 475 registered organizations on campus, student organization are a big part of life at GW. Join us at our annual student org fair to meet with leadership and members to learn more about the opportunities that each group provides. Don’t miss your chance to meet them all in one place.

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New Student Orientation

We are excited to welcome you to your new home at GW. New Student Orientation will be pivotal in your transition to life in college, this experience with your peers, faculty and staff will give you an opportunity to learn more about your new home and resources available at GW. We look forward to meeting and engaging with you.

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District Connections

We’re uniquely situated in one of the most global cities in the world and first year students can participate in District Connections to take advantage of that. Join us for free weekly staff- and peer-led activities for a chance to explore our city and connect with a group of your peers.

475+ Student Groups

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My best experience at GW was my first month here living in Thurston Hall. Everyone had their door open and people would just walk into rooms and introduce themselves. Coming here knowing no one, it made it very easy to make friends. 

- Asher Price


My best experience on campus is staying for the summer while working for the admissions office. Seeing and experiencing DC without the stress of school and a fun job is the best way to spend the summer.

- Njeri Allen


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GW Midnight Breakfast - December 11 - 10:30 pm to 12:30 am - Smith Center



Midnight Breakfast

December 11, 2019 - 10:30 pm - 12:30 am
The annual tradition returns to the Charles E. Smith Center. Take a break from studying and join GW administrators as they serve you tasty treats and host a variety of activities and events.

You'll find complete information on our Facebook Event page!

The Final Lap 2019



The Final Lap

Tuesday, December 10 - Thursday, December 12
Successfully corss the end-of-semester finish Line! Open to all GW students, the Final Lap is designed to provide stress reduction opportunities during final exams.

You'll find a complete list of events on our website!



"Our sisters blow us away #SisterSummer" [email protected]


"new bf jk @dobsonn ." [email protected]


"a lil late at night but ready to tackle on dc in a few weeks" [email protected]


"Posting this a little late, but still in shock that I get to do cool science all summer with some truly incredible people" [email protected]_duchin


"Hey Siri, play “Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino" [email protected]


"#gwu #holi" - @aravindmahendra


"Painting a school during Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service" [email protected]


"Last weekend was the absolute best start to grad school I could possible imagine. I’m in love with these people and their hearts for improving our daily healthcare experiences. Thank you @gwu_mha" [email protected]