Who We Are


Building a greater sense of community.




Three students are talking at an MSSC block party table

A Holistic Experience

The George Washington University believes that all students deserve a holistic experience of academic, residential and co-curricular activities and that the totality of the student experience can contribute to students’ ability to grow and succeed throughout their lives.

Built on a foundation of integrity, creativity and openness to the exploration of new ideas, the university aims to foster a dynamic, student-focused community stimulated by cultural and intellectual diversity.



Fostering Community

The Division for Student Affairs empowers the personal and academic development of our diverse community of students. We foster inclusive communities for belonging; provide leadership opportunities and activities; and support student physical, mental, and collective wellbeing.  Our service prepares students for a life of learning, engaged citizenship, and care for self and others.

Three students drawing on a sidewalk during the 2023 DSA chalk-in


Three students pose for a selfie at the GW Bonfire

Supporting Growth

We cultivate an inclusive community that supports connection, growth, and well-being for every student throughout their GW journey. We are approachable, collaborative, compassionate, and honest.