Center for Career Services

GW students participate in several career fairs throughout the year.

With more than 15,000 internship, part-time job, and volunteer/service opportunities available to 10,000 undergraduate GW students, odds are good you’ll have at least one hands-on learning experience before you graduate.

At the Center for Career Services, you’ll find the resources to help you create your individualized career success plan that will lead you to the right experiences for you - whether it’s an internship, a work-study job, or a cooperative education experience that enhances your classroom education. Hundreds of employers vie for your attention at GW’s annual career fairs, industry expos, and on-campus recruiting and networking events. With specialized support from the Center’s expert consultants and state-of-the-art online resources, you can assess your professional goals and interests and sharpen your skills with a resume review or a mock interview. The Center for Career Services also has programs and resources to help you tap into the GW alumni network and connect with over 250,000 GW graduates.

At GW, our career culture aligns your intellectual interests with your career goals and prepares you for a lifetime of success.