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OUR DIVISION FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS (DSA) team members are committed to creating innovative programs that bring learning out of the classroom to ensure students have a dynamic experience during their academic journey at GW. Our initiatives provide social and learning opportunities that encourage students to engage, connect, and build community with their peers to further enhance their student experience.

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Fraternity and Sorority Life

Our Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Community is unlike any other community in the country. With over 155 years of tradition, 40 active men's and women's organizations, and just over 3,000 members, the fraternity and sorority community at GW is one of the strongest, healthiest, and largest communities at an urban institution in the country.

The FSL community has information about our various councils, how to meet our members, learn about the groups, and see if this is an #OnlyatGW experience you want to be involved in.


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Student Organizations

Our more than 475 registered student organizations are an important and vibrant part of life at GW. Representing a spectrum of causes and interests, our student organizations create the most frequently attended and highly anticipated events on campus and offer endless opportunities for involvement and leadership. 

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Excellence in Leadership Seminar 

The Excellence in Leadership Seminar, hosted by the Office of Student Life, allows GW students to refine their leadership skills. Students can participate in sessions designed to prepare them for future leadership positions - on- or off-campus.


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District Connections

District Connections links students with the cultural and intellectual diversity that Washington, D.C. offers. The program offers first year GW undergraduate students at the access to free weekly staff- and peer-led activities designed to connect the students with each other and this vibrant city. You’ll explore the city and meet new friends through a range of events including baseball games, walking tours, restaurant visits and more. 

All District Connections events are led by a staff or faculty member and a student leader which  include time prior to departure for participants to get to know one another. Events are free of cost to students and registration is required. District Connections events are open to first year undergraduate students only, unless otherwise noted in promotions.


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Over 7,500 students living on the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses make our residence halls the dynamic intersection of city and school. Students bring their talent, passion, intellect and drive to our residence halls as they live and learn in the heart of our nation’s capital. GW Housing will find the right housing option for you to ensure your academic success.





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