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Raise Up GW


Raise Up GW is our initiative dedicated to helping students engage in a comprehensive well-being experience across campus. 

We empower our students to actively engage in well-being activities that are supportive of holistic lifestyles.

Through this initiative, students will gain an understanding of resources and learn how to help others in need.

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GW Staff member sharing a resource with a GW parent at the Raise Up Community Resource Fair


At GW, we aim to create a community that cares for each other. The CARE Team fosters this goal by creating a pathway through which students who may need additional support can be identified and referred to the most appropriate services. Through the CARE Team, students are given the support they need to persist and succeed at GW and beyond.



First-Generation Students

The George Washington University formally defines first-generation college students as those whose parents did not complete a four-year, baccalaureate degree. We also recognize that there are many definitions for what it means to be a first-gen college student.

Five students enjoying dinner at the F St House as a part of a first-gen student dinner


Students coloring at a Doodle & Destress Final Lap event

Health Promotion & Education

The Health Promotion & Education team aids students in making informed and responsible decisions regarding their personal health and well-being. We are the university’s prevention and education resource for your overall health and wellness. We foster a campus community that supports and empowers individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices at the George Washington University. Through peer education and collaboration with other service areas and departments on campus, we provide a myriad of services for students to promote health and wellness.



Military & Veteran Services

GW’s Military & Veteran Services has a robust wellness, mindfulness, community building and professional development and support programmatic initiative that is available to all members of the military-affiliated community. Sponsored events include fitness competitions, mentoring and networking events, socials, fishing, hiking, camping, yoga, movie nights, and much more!

GW Mens soccer team planting US flags in Kogan for Veterans Day


Washington Circle Panoramic

Off-Campus Student Life

The Office of Off-Campus Student Affairs (OCSA) extends community building and learning beyond the campus of the George Washington University by providing resources, services, and programs designed to assist and guide students in navigating the process of moving from residential living on campus to independent living in the surrounding community. Our office is committed to educating students on how to become active and responsible members in their surrounding communities.



Student Health Center

The Student Health Center (SHC) at the George Washington University (GW) is a multidisciplinary, integrated, student healthcare service that provides confidential, student centered care in an accessible, safe, culturally sensitive, and supportive environment. The SHC seeks to promote healthy lifestyle choices and to holistically support the physical and emotional well-being of students in order to achieve academic success.

Medical professional preparing an exam room in the Student Health Center